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Latest News

Hey Newgrounds community! I'm looking to get some "free" CC0 music to have on the Crypto Gameshow.

We aren't looking for your best content for free or anything, but if you have some nice tracks and are looking for promotion we are trying to get some CC0 music that is open to the world to try and get better sounding content for our (my) show.

This is not a ploy to wrap you into some crypto thing.

If you watch the show, you could notice I use a lot of my old content from newgrounds --

This is a really rough edit from me, but I its my first try at an entire production I put together myself in a video editor.

I still have 56 more minutes worth of content to edit. This isn't the final copy, its just kind of a.. one day edit.

If you want to include your music on the gameshow, you are welcome to DM me.

I've already had problems with old CC0 content hitting youtube with copywrite strikes.

The content is going to be primed to go on TV so we can't have any copywrite issues and need to to be genuine content

that you created yourself with NO external samples that could cause copywrite issues.


By using your CC0, you will get a shout out, and there will be a system set in place to display your name and artist track being set up.

There could be a system set in place for streamers to use CC0 music to promote newgrounds if we RIP newgrounds radio and have a CC0 Setting on there would be great for artists to display the name and tracks..

If we get enough newgrounds artists, we could be have exclusively Newgrounds music, however, I'm totally in control over everything and could be flexible.

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